Is the United States in Danger of Becoming a Fascist Nation?

I think this is a legitimate question currently, though I hope and believe we can retain our democracy. However, we have to be alert to the real threat to democracy from the Republican Party, which I believe has unwittingly become a fascist party. So, listed below are the Warning Signs of Fascism as compiled by Laurence W. Britt, and here is a separate link to his list:

My own thoughts, from 2017, are below with his list and you can check the boxes yourself:

POWERFUL AND CONTINUING NATIONALISM – Trump’s America First perspective has undermined post-WWII efforts by the US to assist in democracy and freedom around the world, albeit those efforts have not been always benevolent in effect.

DISDAIN FOR HUMAN RIGHTS – There is no question that the voting, free speech, and general societal rights of minorities, women, immigrants, LGBTQ, and non-white persons have been attacked and limited by Trump and the Republicans.

IDENTIFICATION OF ENEMIES/SCAPEGOATS AS A UNIFYING CAUSE – Trump has specifically targeted Mexicans, Muslims, immigrants, liberals, gays, socialists, and other groups as enemies and blames them for many societal problems.

SUPREMACY OF THE MILITARY – US military budgets dwarf those of other nations. While this is not unique to Republican presidents, it is fair to say that Trump and the Republicans generally and currently focus more effort on increasing the strength of the military versus expanding social programs.

RAMPANT SEXISM – The Trump administration and the Republican Congress are not diverse at all, with white males holding most key positions. There is a clear preference by this president to support males and a patriarchal society and not to support women’s rights.

CONTROLLED MASS MEDIA – While the US does not yet have state television as other authoritarian countries do, Fox News is clearly a disinformation outlet that seeks to control the attitudes of viewers and play to their fears. Trump has literally called the established general media “fake news” and enemies of the people, which are very typical fascist and authoritarian memes.

OBSESSION WITH NATIONAL SECURITY – Fear of others is and always has been an acute focus of the Republican Party.

RELIGION AND GOVERNMENT ARE INTERTWINED – Evangelical Christian support for Trump something like 90% and the administration has taken whatever steps it can to protect the rights of Christians over the general rights of other citizens.

CORPORATE POWER IS PROTECTED – Corporate interests are now advanced and protected at every level of the government, especially from the perspective of tax policy and regulations to help workers and the environment.

LABOR POWER IS SUPPRESSED – Republicans since Reagan and exacerbated under Trump have done everything in their power to weaken unions and workers’ rights.

DISDAIN FOR INTELLECTUALS AND THE ARTS – Republicans have constantly attacked the liberal elites (though so many of the richest and most elite are not liberals) and movie stars. Arts and music education is at dismayingly low levels in the schools, with the budgetary focus of Republicans typically on national security over public education.

OBSESSION WITH CRIME AND PUNISHMENT – The US has basically the highest detention rate in the world, and for-profit prisons and immigrant detention centers are preferred by the Trump administration. Trump often talks about jailing his political opponents at a level unseen in our lifetimes in the US.

RAMPANT CRONYISM AND CORRUPTION – Corruption, conflicts of interest, and disregard of the law are truly rampant in this administration. Trump and many in the administration have trampled on ethics and integrity in government. Trump clearly wants to be just like Vladimir Putin and other dictators and autocrats and to make money and rule with impunity as they do.

FRAUDULENT ELECTIONS – There is essentially no voter fraud by citizens, but Russia clearly interfered in the 2016 elections and Republicans have openly gerrymandered, suppressed votes, and attempted to keep their perceived opponents from voting to a level not seen since Jim Crow.

Of course, people may argue over these points and Republicans will be defensive, because we all acknowledge the horrors unleashed by fascism in countries like Germany, Italy, and many others. The holocaust was essentially the result of fascism and here we are with immigrants and children in cages. Republicans do not want to be fascists, and no one who understands would vote for fascists in the United States. But blind devotion to the party over the interests of the country and the rule of law leads to no other conclusion than that the Republican Party has become a fascist party. Republicans are good people, just like all people, but the current threat to our democratic way of life is at the highest point in our nation’s history.

I believe it is important for us all to call out fascism. That is why I wrote this, and I hope with all my soul that the United States will overcome this threat and return to supporting and helping one another, all people, and our beautiful planet, which is itself in danger from the fascist influences in our government and populace now. Thank you.