Fonging for the World

Fonging for the World by Jefferson Glassie tells the fictional story of several musicians traveling around the globe attempting to bring peace to the world through a crazy musical and spiritual practice called fonging, i.e., by tapping into the healing sounds of the universe through the use of oven racks and other implements. The book explores transcendent topics, such as vibrational healing, synergies, telepathy, and plant medicines, to demonstrate that humans can overcome fear and insecurities to help achieve peace of mind individually as well as peace and harmony for the world.

The main reason Glassie wrote this book was so he could produce an audiobook. Inspired by Victor Wooten’s books The Music Lesson and The Spirit of Music, and the full soundtrack audiobooks of the same titles, Glassie thought that the idea of having a soundtrack for a book was just too cool not to do! So, the Fonging for the World audiobook is narrated by Michael Kott, with 18 characters and 6 songs, plus all sorts of wild sounds! The original score, sound design and mixing in Dolby ATMOS/ Binaural sound was produced by Dave Welsch. This audiobook is best enjoyed with headphones.

Glassie based the main characters on musicians he knows that inspired the particular characters; Kathleen Hooper as Aria, Gaye Adegbalola as Mizz Joye, Devi Kumar as Neeru, and Sandro Shankara as Sandro. Glassie reads the part of Erasmus Caffery, author of Fonging for the Soul (written by Glassie under that pen name).

Here is the Fonging for the World book available on Amazon and the full soundtrack of the Fonging for the World audiobook.